Pakistan's Leading IRRI6 Parboiled Rice Exporters: Superior Quality and Unbeatable Prices

IRRI6, a long-grain non-basmati rice cultivated in the Sindh province of Pakistan, has gained significant popularity in markets across Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Gulf region.

Significantly, IRRI6 rice exports make up over half of Pakistan's total rice exports by quantity, particularly well-received among consumers in African nations. Acknowledged for its superior cooking performance compared to parboiled rice from other Asian countries, the export of Parboiled IRRI6 rice from Pakistan is experiencing a consistent upward trend, fueled by the increasing preference for its high-quality cooking results.

As leading suppliers and millers of IRRI6 parboiled rice based in Karachi, Pakistan, our strategically positioned rice mills in key cultivation areas such as Jacobabad and Tando Mohamed Khan empower us to provide highly competitive prices for IRRI6 rice in significant quantities, ensuring unwavering quality.

To enhance buyer confidence, all our shipments include a mandatory Third-Party Inspection, preferably conducted by SGS or Bureau Veritas, at no additional cost. This pre-shipment inspection is a crucial requirement for buyers, guaranteeing that the rice shipment's quality, quantity, and specifications precisely align with the buyer's order.


A Pictorial Journey of IRRI6 Parboiled Rice from Pakistan's Rice Fields to Your Table

Pictures that highlight the exceptional quality of our IRRI6 Parboiled Rice and the commitment of our exporters. As the industry's top supplier, we take great pride in providing high-quality rice that complies with international standards. Take a look at these captivating images to see the superior quality, distinct long-grain texture, and consistent color of our IRRI6 Parboiled Rice. We are dedicated to enhancing your culinary experience with every meal, ensuring that each bite is truly exceptional.


In-Depth Specifications of High-Quality IRRI6 Parboiled Rice from Pakistan

Experience the excellence of IRRI6 Parboiled Rice Exporters through our meticulously detailed specifications. Crafted to perfection, our parboiled rice caters to the varying demands of international markets. The long grains, characteristic aroma, and rich taste of our IRRI6 Parboiled Rice make it the preferred choice for global consumers. Cultivated using sustainable agricultural practices, our rice undergoes a rigorous parboiling process that preserves its natural nutrients and enhances its shelf life. As dedicated exporters, we ensure seamless delivery to clients worldwide, allowing them to offer their customers only the best. Trust our commitment to quality and authenticity, as we strive to exceed your expectations with every grain.

SPECIFICATION5% Broken10% Broken15% Broken25% BrokenRAW 25% Broken100% Broken
Moisture Content14.0% Max.14.0% Max.14.0% Max.14.0% Max.14.0% Max.14.0% Max.
Average Grain Length6.0 MM6.0 MM6.0 MM6.0 MM6.0 MMBelow 4.5 MM
Broken Grains5.0% Max. (Below 3/4 of grain length.)10% Max. (Below 3/4 of grain length.)15% Max. (Below 3/4 of grain length.)25% Max. (Below 3/4 of grain length.)25% Max. (Below 3/4 of grain length.)100% Broken
Polishing GradeSilky Polished & Color SortexedSilky Polished & Color SortexedSilky Polished & Color SortexedSilky Polished & Color SortexedReasonably Well-milledDouble Silky Polished
Damaged, Shriveled & Yellow1.5% Max.2.5% Max.4.0% Max.5.0% Max.5.0% Max.5.0% Max.
Chalky Grains4.0% Max.4.0% Max.6.0% Max.12.0% Max.12.0% Max.20.0% Max.
Foreign Grains0.5% Max.1.0% Max.1.5% Max.3.0% Max.3.0% Max.4.0% Max.
Foreign Matter0.5% Max.0.8% Max.1.0% Max.1.4% Max.1.4% Max.2.0% Max.
Paddy Grain0.2% Max.0.5% Max.0.6% Max.Max. 20 pcs per kilogram.Max. 20 pcs per kilogram.Max. 20 pieces per kilogram.
Under-milled & Red-striped1.5% Max.2.5% Max.3.0% Max.4.0% Max.4.0% Max.4.0% Max.
Milling Grades AvailableSella / White / BrownSella / WhiteSella / WhiteWhiteRegularSella / White

Pakistan's Top Exporter of Long Grain IRRI6 Parboiled Rice

Why Choose Rice from Pak Arab International?

  • Clear Written and Verbal Communication Regarding the Product.
  • Prioritizing Customer Needs Over Sales Goals.
  • Extensive Shipping Experience to Nearly 16 Countries.
  • Customer Feedback Provided for Every Shipment.
  • Rigorous Sourcing and Quality Inspection Process.
  • Real-time Videos and Photos During the Processing Stage.
  • Readiness to Assist Without Any Sales Obligations.
  • Direct Hands-On Involvement of Management in Every Shipment.

How to Choose an Authentic Rice Exporter?

  • Comprehend the Exporter’s Company and Industry Dynamics.
  • Grasp the Exporter’s Presence and Expertise.
  • Understanding the Product's Knowledge, Quality, and Source.
  • Product Pricing Evaluation.
  • Readiness to Assist Without Anticipating Sales Obligations.
  • Option for Video Calls or In-Person Visits.
  • Google Verification for Complaints.
  • Engagement in Trade Shows.

Explore our Quality-Certified IRRI6 Parboiled Rice, Delivering Excellence in Every Grain for your Culinary Satisfaction and Delight!

At Pak Arab International, our commitment to maintaining high quality is reflected in the prestigious certifications we hold. Our ISO 22000:2018, HACCP, ISO 9001:2015, GMP and Halal certifications assure our customers that we adhere to the strictest guidelines for food safety, quality control and halal requirements. We are actively involved in the Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) and the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), which demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement and staying ahead of the industry. Whether it's ensuring the safety of our products or meeting the diverse needs of our clients, we pride ourselves on our professional approach to delivering exceptional quality at every stage of our operations.

Unleashing Excellence, Thriving Globally in Every Export Market

The Export Market Presence of Pakistan's Long Grain IRRI6 Parboiled Rice Exporters

Explore the dynamic landscape of the export market with IRRI6 Parboiled Rice exporters from Pakistan. Positioned at the forefront of the global trade, we take pride in being key players in meeting the rising demand for IRRI6 Parboiled Rice. Our strategic presence in diverse markets, including Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Gulf, reflects our commitment to catering to the unique preferences of consumers worldwide. With a substantial share in Pakistan's rice exports, particularly in terms of quantity, our IRRI6 rice stands out for its superior cooking results, making it a preferred choice in international markets. Join us on a journey of expanding horizons and contributing to the global appeal of IRRI6 Parboiled Rice.

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