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Our History Pak Arab International

Pak Arab International has quickly grown to become Pakistan's most profitable agricultural enterprise since its foundation in 2010. In a very short amount of time, we rose to become the country's largest agricultural exporter. Our path to prosperity is intrinsically tied to the satisfaction of customers all around the world.

We specialize in the export of Alfalfa Hay, Rhodes Grass, Wheat Straw, Corn Silage, Yellow Maize, Animal Lick Salt, Basmati Rice, Non-Basmati Rice, and Edible Pink Salt and offer a broad spectrum of services from raw materials to finished goods. Our dedicated staff is dedicated to providing only the best articles, demonstrating our genuine interest in your health and well-being. As proponents of natural living, we only sell natural and organic items.

Pak Arab International takes great pride in its extensive range of natural, organic, and certified products. This illustrates our ongoing commitment to provide nothing less than the best to our devoted customers. Our dedication to excellence is obvious in every product we sell, ensuring that you receive high-quality items that align with our commitment to natural living and well-being. Pak Arab International ensures the authenticity and quality of our wide range of products.

Where Success Stories Reside

A Story of Outstanding Achievements & Long-Lasting Success

Our history Pak Arab International has facilitated thousands of successful agricultural transactions. Engaged in the manufacturing, development, and evolution of agricultural products, our company boasts a dedicated team of experts, researchers, managers, and qualified workers. Our primary objective revolves around delivering high-quality items at competitive costs.

We firmly believe that effective management, coupled with considerable expertise and stringent quality control measures, are the essential elements for producing top-notch products and ensuring customer satisfaction. At Pak Arab International, our commitment to excellence is embedded in every facet of our operations, driving success and fostering enduring partnerships in the realm of agriculture.


Celebrating Success Milestones at Pak Arab International

Pakistan excels in agricultural innovation and improvement thanks to its robust research and development infrastructure. Pak Arab International has considerably improved the environment by diversifying its agricultural base and establishing strong international connections. Because of this strategic move, we may enhance our agricultural product output and establish ourselves as a key player in the global agricultural supply chain. We are committed to promoting sustainable practices and strengthening global linkages because we anticipate a prosperous and internationally integrated agricultural future.

Exclusive Sourcing

We have set up warehouses dedicated to sourcing and processing raw materials, ensuring a streamlined and efficient supply chain.

Superior Quality

With a firm reputation for delivering high-quality products, essential to the success of our company, Pak Arab International remains dedicated to ongoing expansion. Our commitment is evident in our adherence to the highest standards of food safety, a principle that compels our involvement in all stages of the product production process. This meticulous attention to detail adds an extra layer of quality assurance, reinforcing our already elevated standards and ensuring the consistency of excellence throughout our operations.

Excellent Servie

We've optimized our manufacturing methods and assembled an exceptional team of skilled food technologists and process engineers, always ready to assist with any inquiries about our products. Our robust logistic network empowers us to provide customers with a range of options, from full containers directly from production to individual pallets sourced from our warehouse.

We Are Ready To Export Worldwide

We are glad to report that we are fully prepared to export our products, therefore expanding our global market potential. It is our pleasure to inform you that we now serve companies, merchants, and distributors all over the world. Our passion to supplying high-quality items is unwavering. We are now eager to go on a journey to grow our customer base. We closely adhere to standards, resulting in a seamless export procedure. Join us on this journey as we strive to give our best products through our freshly established global marketplace.

Elevating Excellence, Embracing Global Quality

Pak Arab International Maintains High-Quality Standards Through Prestigious Certifications

The important certifications we have show Pak Arab International's commitment to maintaining high quality. Our ISO 22000:2018, HACCP, ISO 9001:2015, GMP, and Halal certifications ensure our customers that we adhere to the strictest food safety, quality control, and halal standards. We are active members of the Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) and the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Market (KCCI), displaying our drive to ongoing progress and being ahead of the market. Whether it is ensuring the safety of our goods or meeting the diverse needs of our clients, we take pride in our professional dedication to generating high-quality results at all phases of our operations.


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