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Pak Arab International is a well-known company in the rice industry, renowned for its basmati and non-basmati rice. Since its establishment in 2010, the company has been committed to milling, processing, and supplying rice worldwide.

The foundation of Pak Arab International marks the beginning of a journey dedicated to delivering top-quality rice. The company takes pride in its rice production, processing, and export services, offering a range of rice varieties, including brown, raw, steam, sella/parboiled, and golden sella rice.

Pak Arab International rice boasts a flavor that speaks volumes about its purity, weightiness, rich taste, and delightful aroma. This globally recognized rice is highly acclaimed for its value. It is carefully produced and packaged according to stringent industry standards.


Pakistan Premium Rice Varieties Exported to the World

Diving into the diverse rice section, Pak Arab International, as Pakistan rice exporters, caters to different preferences. Whether it's the earthy notes of brown rice, the simplicity of raw rice, the tenderness of steamed rice, or the versatility of parboiled, sella, and golden sella rice, the company has something for everyone.


Process of Work for Pakistan Rice Exporters

Preliminary Investigation

To ensure the highest quality basmati rice, it is necessary to select and acquire pure, healthy and top quality paddy. Paddy selection is a process to which the rice mill has to devote most of its energy, skills and time.

Procurement and Storage

Pak Arab International has a strict policy of storing at harvest and continuing the aging process under professional supervision to develop better cooking qualities and deeper aromas.

Testing and Processing

Pak Arab International employs comprehensive quality control techniques from source of rice to final delivery to achieve and maintain targeted product attributes.


Packaging Solutions for Pakistan Rice Exporters

At our company we take pride in maintaining an pristine manufacturing environment. This unwavering dedication extends to our packaging process well. As a rice producer we prioritize delivering the packaging solutions available, in the market. Pakistan has established itself as a leading exporter of rice.

Additionally Pak Arab International provides tailor made packaging options for rice that cater to the requirements of our valued clients without compromising on quality and hygiene standards. Our ultimate goal is to position ourselves as Pakistans premier and largest rice exporter.

As a manufacturer of notch agricultural products Pak Arab International possesses all the necessary quality control certifications mandated for exporting rice on a national level.

Our packaging methodology adheres, to recognized practices and industry standards significantly minimizing the risk of any particles mingling with the product.


Customize Packaging

Because our job is to manufacture in a clean, germ-free, and dirt-free environment, we apply the same zealous attitude to the packing process. As a rice maker, we offer the best packaging. Pakistan is a leading rice exporter.

Pak Arab International, as a manufacturer, also offers customized rice packaging. We deliver orders in packaging that meets the needs of the client while maintaining quality and sanitary conditions. Our ambition is to become Pakistan's finest and largest rice exporter.

Pak Arab International is a leading manufacturer of high-quality agricultural goods. We have all of the quality control management certificates required for export in accordance with rice exports by nation.

Our packaging technique is based on best practices and standards recognized globally, decreasing the possibility of particles combining with the product.


Shipping Solutions for Pakistan Rice Exporters

Pak Arab International has been exporting for over ten years. We provide LCL and FCL services from one port to another. Our ocean freight service is the safest and most dependable. We use set-contract pricing with all shipping lines. Our rice exportation procedures are straightforward.

Pak Arab International's core competency is providing customers with the best basmati rice in the world through a comprehensive, customized range of solutions. We specialize in establishing the most efficient, convenient, and dependable shipping routes for our customers.

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Unveiling Convincing Reasons to Choose Pakistan's Finest Rice!

We Are Ready To Export Worldwide

We are glad to report that we are fully prepared to export our products, therefore expanding our global market potential. It is our pleasure to inform you that we now serve companies, merchants, and distributors all over the world. Our passion to supplying high-quality items is unwavering. We are now eager to go on a journey to grow our customer base. We closely adhere to standards, resulting in a seamless export procedure. Join us on this journey as we strive to give our best products through our freshly established global marketplace.

Elevating Excellence, Embracing Global Quality

Pak Arab International Maintains High-Quality Standards Through Prestigious Certifications

The important certifications we have show Pak Arab International's commitment to maintaining high quality. Our ISO 22000:2018, HACCP, ISO 9001:2015, GMP, and Halal certifications ensure our customers that we adhere to the strictest food safety, quality control, and halal standards. We are active members of the Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) and the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Market (KCCI), displaying our drive to ongoing progress and being ahead of the market. Whether it is ensuring the safety of our goods or meeting the diverse needs of our clients, we take pride in our professional dedication to generating high-quality results at all phases of our operations.


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