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Wheat Straw Hay, an agricultural by-product, serves as a valuable animal fodder commonly referred to as lowes straw bales. Following the separation of seeds and grains from straw for human consumption, the remaining hay straws undergo a preservation process to be utilized as forage, particularly in mushroom tissue culture.

Across many Asian countries and beyond, this straw finds widespread use in animal husbandry, serving as a staple feed. Additionally, certain regions in Europe adhere to the tradition of feeding this hay to farm animals. These hay and straw components play a crucial role in the nutritional regimen of farm animals.
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Wheat Straw Exporters Showcasing Quality, Process, and Agricultural Excellence in Every Frame

Step into the world of wheat straw exporters through a visual exploration of our image gallery. Each picture narrates a story of precision and dedication, offering a glimpse into the intricate process of cultivating, processing, and exporting wheat straw. Our commitment to quality and sustainable practices is vividly captured in these images, showcasing the essence of our agricultural excellence. From the fields to the final export, witness the journey that defines us as trusted leaders in the wheat straw industry. Let the pictures convey the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to delivering premium wheat straw products. Explore the visual tapestry of our work, where every image encapsulates the spirit of our role in the global wheat straw export market.

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Specifications of Leading Wheat Straw Exporters for Agricultural Excellence

Dive into the realm of agricultural precision with the specifications of our wheat straw exporters. We take pride in unveiling a detailed and refined set of specifications that define the excellence of our products. From size and texture to moisture content and packaging standards, our commitment to quality is evident in every aspect. Our exporters adhere to stringent specifications, ensuring that each batch meets the highest standards for agricultural use. Discover the meticulous details that set us apart in the wheat straw industry, where precision meets excellence. Choose our exporters for a reliable source of wheat straw that aligns with the exacting specifications required for superior agricultural performance.
Moisture10.0% Max.
Crude Protein4.3% Max.
Crude Fat2.4% Max.
Fiber Protein39.8% Max.
Phosphorous0.07% Max.
Ash9.9% Max.
Calcium0.45% Max.
Carbohydrates43.6% Max.
Sand Silica5.8% Max.
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Enhance Livestock Diets with Wheat Straw, A Vital Nutritional Source for Diverse Animals

Recognizing the vital role wheat straw plays in the diets of various livestock, our wheat straw exporters underscore its importance in promoting optimal health and nutrition. As an essential dietary component, wheat straw serves as a valuable source of fiber, contributing to the digestive well-being of animals such as cattle, horses, and goats. Its inclusion in the diet aids in preventing digestive issues and promoting a balanced nutrition profile. Our exporters are dedicated to providing high-quality wheat straw that aligns with the nutritional needs of diverse livestock. Choose our products to enhance the dietary enrichment of your animals, ensuring their well-being and vitality through a trusted and reliable source in the agricultural market.

alfalfa hay for horses


Horses, herbivores with a specialized digestive system for fibrous plants, benefit from wheat straw in their roughage intake. This aids in gut motility, preventing issues like colic. Our wheat straw exporters provide quality straw to support the optimal digestive health of horses, ensuring their well-being.
alfalfa hay for camels


Camels, adapted to thrive on fibrous and low-quality forages like wheat straw, benefit from their unique digestive system, extracting nutrients efficiently. In regions with limited forage options, wheat straw becomes a valuable feed for camels. Our wheat straw exporters deliver top-quality straw, ensuring optimal nutrition for these resilient animals.
Alfalfa Hay for Cows


Lactating animals, including dairy cows, require enhanced nutrition for efficient milk production. While wheat straw contributes dietary fiber, it is vital to supplement with high-protein feeds to meet energy and protein needs. Our Wheat Straw Exporters are dedicated to providing comprehensive nutrition, prioritizing the well-being of dairy animals for optimal milk production.
Alfalfa Hay for Goats and Sheep


Goats and sheep, classified as ruminants, adeptly digest fibrous materials through microbial fermentation. Wheat straw proves to be a suitable feed, especially when complemented with additional protein and minerals for a well-balanced diet. Our wheat straw exporters deliver quality straw, supporting the dietary needs of these animals for optimal health.
Efficiency in Every Straw, Packed and Loaded

Unveiling Wheat Straw Packing & Container Loading Details for a Seamless Agricultural Supply Chain

Experience efficiency and precision with our wheat straw exporters in the realms of packing and container loading. Our process is a testament to meticulous care, ensuring each straw is packed securely and loaded with expertise. From the careful bundling of straws to strategic container loading, we prioritize quality and integrity at every step. Our exporters adhere to industry standards, ensuring that each shipment maintains the freshness and integrity of the wheat straw. Choose us for a seamless experience in wheat straw supply, where our commitment to packing and container loading excellence stands tall, ensuring your agricultural needs are met with precision and reliability.

Pressed Bundle Size 113 - 14 Kg1080 Bundles14 - 15 MT
Pressed Bundle Size 218 – 20 Kg870 Bundles15 – 17 MT
Pressed Bundle Size 330 – 32 Kg750 Bundles22 – 24 MT
Double Pressed Bale450 Kg54 Bales24 MT

We Are Ready To Export Worldwide: Unlocking Global Opportunities

We are excited to share that we are fully prepared to export our products opening up opportunities on a global scale. It brings us pleasure to inform you that we currently serve businesses, retailers and distributors across the globe. Our commitment, to delivering high quality goods is unwavering. Now we are thrilled to embark on a journey of expanding our customer base. We adhere to standards meticulously ensuring an efficient export process. Come join us in this adventure as we strive to offer our finest products through our newly established global marketplace!
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Pak Arab International - Upholding High-Quality Standards with Prestigious Certifications

The notable certifications we possess demonstrate Pak Arab International's dedication to maintaining excellent quality. Our ISO 22000:2018, HACCP, ISO 9001:2015, GMP, and Halal certifications reassure our consumers that we follow the toughest food safety, quality control, and halal criteria. We are active members of the Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) and the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Market (KCCI), demonstrating our dedication to continual improvement and remaining ahead of the industry. Whether it is assuring the safety of our goods or addressing the different demands of our clients, we take pride in our professional commitment to producing great quality at all stages of our operations.
Export Quality Wheat Straw

Global Demand Surges as Wheat Straw Establishes Dominance in the Export Market

Embark on a journey into the thriving export market with our wheat straw exporters, where quality meets global demand. As industry leaders, our exporters navigate the international market with finesse, delivering premium wheat straw products to discerning customers worldwide. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond borders, ensuring that each export adheres to stringent quality standards. With a focus on sustainable practices and agricultural innovation, we contribute to the global supply chain with integrity and reliability. Choose our wheat straw exporters for a seamless experience in accessing the export market, where every shipment reflects our dedication to meeting and exceeding the expectations of the global agricultural community.

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